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2009-04-30    In the process of changing my web site from Microsoft's Front Page to using a CSS web site design.  I'm trying to make it look the same but function more efficiently.

2009-02-09    Added the RPG code for a small pop-up calendar to the programming page.

2006-05-13    Added more books - Some Anne McCaffrey, Catherine Asaro, more Louis L'Amour plus all 19 Sackett stories.  Also changed the way the pages are arranged - the book page now contains links to author pages.  There will be a Misc page (or more than one) when I start adding one-book authors.

2006-04-03    Added some books - David Weber, L. E. Modesitt, and Louis L'Amour.  I will probably end up arranging my books by author and/or genre but for now they are all listed on one page.