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I have been programming in RPG on the AS/400 (or whatever it's called this month) since 1989.  I have used RPG 2, RPG 3, RPG 4 (ILE) and CL.  In all that time I have written a lot of utilities to aid me in my programming.  Some, like my interactive debugger, have become obsolete with the advent of newer tools from IBM.  Others, like my menu written entirely in CL, will probably never become outdated.  I am putting the source code listings here, along with a few screen shots.

RPG IV APIs You will find here some RPG IV code for APIs.  These include QUsrJobI - Retrieve User Job Attributes, QUsrObjD - Retrieve Object Description, and QWCRSVal - Retrieve System Value.  That last one - QWCRSVal - is a complete service program.

CL Menu This is a menu system written entirely in CL.

Display File Fields This is a utility to display the fields for a file.

Small Calendar This is a program to display a small calendar.