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CL Menu Pictures

Main display screen - notice the ability to make the menu options different colors and highlighting.  10 Menus can be defined with 80 options on each menu for a total of 800 menu options.  The different menus are reached by either sequentially Page-Up/Page-Down or directly through a selection window.   The letters A-P at the bottom right corner of the display are for group jobs.  Up to sixteen group jobs can be defined and they are available from any of the ten menus.


This is the help screen that shows options that cannot be defined on the menu; they are hard-coded in the program:


This screen shows the menu selection window:


This screen shows a list of the defined group jobs:


This screen shows how to define a menu option; multiple commands can be run from a single menu option by separating the commands with a semi-colon ";".  Each command that is entered will be prompted separately when the Enter key is pressed.  Press F10 to save the option without prompting the commands.


This screen shows the POPMNU data area edit:


This screen shows how to define a group job; the program "STRPDMN" is a little CL program that starts sets the attention program to the CL Menu program and then starts PDM:


And last, but certainly not least, this display shows where the function keys are defined: